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DEC 23rd-24th 2022

Blinding Lights ebook.jpg

It has been nearly three years since GRiD—a fictional idol group from Seoul—last saw the limelight before serving their mandatory military service. Now, they are making a comeback.

Join them in this a drama rich rollercoaster of emotions as they figure out their love lifes...or if they even have such luck. Starting with Minjae in this first of a trilogy novel:


Minjae, the lead dancer of a Korean idol group, wants to make sure that everything is perfect for their upcoming comeback, down to the tiniest details. Including and especially the all-important fanservice. The problem? Minjae hates fanservice. Especially the part where people expect Minjae and his bandmate Do-hyun to act as lovers.


Unfortunately, Minjae has a secret—he once fell for Do-hyun in real life. Swearing not to make the same mistake ever again, he decides to ignore his feelings for the time being.


What if the chemistry the two clearly have on stage starts to leak into real life as well?

Content Warnings:

This book, and especially the trilogy as a whole, contains themes that might not be suitable for all audiences. Including but not limited to:

profanity, nudity, explicit sex, mental health issues such as PTSD, violence, and substance abuse.

Image by Bruno Thethe


When money can’t buy your dream singer...

...but becoming her dom might.

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