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Minjae, the lead dancer of a Korean idol group, wants to make sure that everything is perfect for their upcoming comeback, down to the tiniest details. Including and especially the all-important fanservice. The problem? Minjae hates fanservice. Especially the part where people expect Minjae and his bandmate Do-hyun to act as lovers.


Unfortunately, Minjae has a secret—he once fell for Do-hyun in real life. Swearing not to make the same mistake ever again, he decides to ignore his feelings for the time being.


What if the chemistry the two clearly have on stage starts to leak into real life as well?



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Used to being in control as the leader of GRiD, Tae has his life all figured out. That is, until a drunken love confession from his flamboyantly gay, bold and gorgeous bandmate Joonie sends Tae spiraling down into self-doubt. 

It takes some convincing for Tae to relinquish control over his life and realize that he might not be as straight as he thought. But once he does, he slowly warms up to the idea of a romantic relationship…especially with Joonie.


However, fame throws another curveball their way when Tae finds out about the threats Joonie has been receiving from a stalker he has hidden from the rest of the group—threats that just might turn out to be deadly ones.

DIMMED LIGHTS (September 1st 2022)

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Signed to LBR Entertainment when he was only sixteen, Chris was pretty much raised by his bandmates who he considers his extended family. His position as the cute but mischievous maknae of GRiD seems secure until a car-crash leaves him scarred for life and facing charges of assault.


Trying to cope with the PTSD that keeps him up at night, Chris turns to alcohol and isolates himself from his bandmates.

As if things weren’t complicated enough, Chris is assigned a hot new bodyguard—one he has some history with already.


Is Joe still the same stand-offish fuckboy Chris once found in his bed for one night only, or can there be more between the two?