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Coming 2023: Songs of Passion

When money can’t buy your dream singer – but becoming her dom will.

Cameron is in search of the next big star for Ortega Records – the record label he wants to inherit sooner rather than later. At his close friend's wedding, luck finally seems to be on his side when he hears one of the bridesmaids sing. In fact, Cam is so blown away by the talent, that he tries to sign her on the spot. 


Elle says no. Having all she’d ever dared to dream of – money, looks, and passing as a cis-woman – she’s more interested in pursuing her rather spicy hobbies than becoming a recording artist, let alone a celebrity.


Despite being brutally rejected, Cam is not about to give up. He has to get Elle. Whatever it takes. 

On Stage Trilogy

Join the gayest K-pop boyband GRiD in this a drama rich rollercoaster of emotions as they figure out their love lifes...or if they even have such luck. Starting with Minjae in the first of a trilogy novel Blinding Lights.

Please Check Content & Trigger Warnings

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On Stage Trilogy background.jpg


It has been nearly three years since GRiD – the gayest k-pop boyband in history – last saw the limelight before serving their mandatory military service.


Now, they are making a comeback.

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