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Slumber Party 3: Make it Double

Amber turned to look at me, begging me with her eyes, almost like asking my permission. Now if she really was a lesbian, I knew exactly how awkward it would be to do it with a guy. An eager guy, nevertheless. And was I really passing a chance to do seven minutes in heaven with the hottest girl of our high school? Gay or not? The obvious answer was a sound no. So, I nodded to her ever so slightly.

Her eyes brightened a bit. "Mei it is, then," she said and we both got up.

"Hey, don't forget to spin the bottle so we can continue the game while you're away," the black-haired guy that had sat next to Amber hollered. Rolling her eyes, Amber crouched over and spun. She straightened up and we watched it land to the same black-haired guy who instantly cringed.

"Truth or dare?" Amber asked.

"Dare," the guy mumbled.

Amber laughed. "Kiss Jess. Involve tongue. For three minutes," she said and let out an evil laugh.

Jess rolled her eyes at us and we turned towards another double door inside the room that also said 'off-limits'. Amber took my hand and led me to it and opened the door. Just when we were entering and I started to wonder if we could just chat there for the seven minutes to get it over and done with, Jess opened her mouth again.

"Remember we need a proof that something happened," she shouted.

"Like what?" Amber asked, sounding a bit pissed off by now.

"Oh relax, nothing major. A love bite would do, on either of you," she said right before turning her attention to the black-haired guy who was now crawling towards her.

Great. Just great. Now I'd have to go home with a hickey on my neck or make one on Amber's neck. If it would turn out to be the latter option, I sure hoped I wouldn't be held responsible for the consequences. I mean, if I had to be that close to the perfect gal... yeah, I would not be able to keep my hands off.

We stepped in a room that looked like it was Amber's bedroom. It was pretty dark, though I could see the outline of it due to their back yard's lights that poured in from the window. There was a canopy with white sheer curtains over the king-size bed that was taking up most of the room. On the left side of the room, beside the window, was a door that looked like it led to a balcony. On the right there were two doors, I guessed those were to the walk-in closet and to her bathroom.

There were shelves on the wall between the two doors. The top two of them were dedicated to Amber's collection of trophies, and one for some kind of a stereo system. Amber went straight to the stereo system and connected her phone with it. I closed the door and grew even more nervous than I had been the whole night. If possible.

"So, umm, how do you want to do this?" I asked when I couldn't take the silence any longer.

The blonde was still fiddling with the stereo system but turned towards me briefly to shush me. She mouthed me something that looked like 'shh, they'll hear us,'. I snapped my mouth shut and took a couple of hesitant steps towards her. She hit play, and some more pop music filled the room.

I didn't know what to do so I sat on the edge of her bed and started fiddling with the hem of my top while she flipped on the lights that were hanging from the canopy thing over her bed. Amber started pacing around nervously. I leaned back and let her do her thing.

"I think the music's muffling our voices down enough. Look, I'm sorry to put you through this. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if it would've been literally anyone else... I- I just can't handle Brian. He's a douche," she eventually said.

"Huh... alright. And I don't mind..." I said, trailing off. Suddenly, I was glad the room was very dark, so my epic blush that heated my cheeks wouldn't be that obvious.

"Really? Then thank you for doing this," she said and finally stopped in front of me.

With a sudden confidence burst, I took her hands in mine and pulled her a bit closer. "So how do you wanna do this?"

"I don't know... I think we'll get away with just the hickey..." she said, almost inaudibly while climbing on my lap. She staggered a bit, so I wrapped my hands around her tiny waist. She followed my lead by wrapping her hands over my shoulders.

I got lost into her ice blue eyes, mesmerized. There was a loose strand of hair, which I tucked behind her ear. Deciding it would be better if I didn't show up home with a hickey on my neck from the first real party I ever attended, I brushed the rest of her hair out of my way to expose the right side of her neck. She let out a small breath when my fingertips brushed past her smooth, delicate skin.

She took the hint like a champion, leaned her head to the other side and squeezed her eyes shut. I hovered my lips over the spot for a little while, just taking in the sweet scent of hers. She gasped silently when I placed a small peck on her incredibly soft neck, almost like asking if it was a good enough spot. I took it as a yes when she placed her hand behind my neck and pressed my head closer.

Amber gasped louder as I sucked hard, making sure the mark would be visible enough to pass as a proof for the others. As soon as I thought it was enough, I backed off, proud that I had kept myself in check though my heart was pounding and my ears ringed from the rush.

But Amber surprised me. With a glassed up gaze, she attacked me and made me fall backward, my back hitting the mattress. She followed my fall and her lips landed only an inch over my lips, her silky smooth hair falling all over on my face.

"Can I kiss you?" she asked with such a small and cute voice I couldn't believe belonged to the ultra-confident queen bee of the whole high school.

She looked me dead in the eyes and was so close I couldn't escape the gaze. I got lost in her eyes again and her strawberry punch scented breath made my head spin. Losing all control of my actions, I squeezed my eyes shut and reached up, and kissed her. Maybe that would answer her question.

For a moment that lasted maybe a millisecond, I thought she wouldn't kiss me back. Even though it had been her who asked in the first place. Turned out she just hesitated for a bit, and then she kissed me back.

My insides figuratively burst into flames while our lips started dancing in slow unison. She tasted like a love potion; with hints of that bubbly punch, we had drunk downstairs. There was just us in our own little world at that moment. I couldn't quite believe I was kissing with the hottest girl I knew. It felt like I had overdosed on her already.

She bit my lip lightly and I couldn't help but let out a small moan. My body acted on its own when I rolled us over while still keeping our lips intact. She took a shaky breath because of the sudden movement but quickly wrapped her hands around my waist while I coaxed my knee between her legs to steady myself so I wouldn't crash right on top of her.

Our seven minutes in heaven quickly got doubled, tripled, as we lost the track of time. I couldn't help but smile against Amber's lips. She started giggling. I separated our lips so we could take a proper breather but still caught myself stroking the side of her face softly while losing myself all over again to her deep blue eyes. She smiled back at me.

"Based on that kiss, I'd guess you're not fully straight yourself," Amber stated breathlessly.

"You would be correct... But I'm still so deep in the closet I'd appreciate if you'd keep that information to yourself," I said, getting up.

"I'd never out a soul," she said and sat up while I sat down next to her on my original spot on the edge of her bed.

"Thanks," I muttered, suddenly hyper self-aware.

There was a long silence when we both just tried to digest what just happened. It was soon interrupted by a knock on the door though. Got both of us startled.

"You alright there? It's been like half an hour!" Jess' yelling voice carried through the door and the music.

Amber cleared her throat a bit before shouting back, "Yeah we're done, we'll be there in a minute!"

As I started to brush my fingers through my hair to try and get the just formed tangles somewhat straightened, Amber landed a small peck on my lips out of the blue.

I smiled at her and asked,"What was that for?"

"Can you stay for the night? You know, after the party's over?" she whispered, evading my eyes once again.

A huge grin spread to my face. "Yeah, I guess so."

We both straightened our clothes and headed back to the main room where the others were still playing spin the bottle. As soon as they spotted the love bite on Amber's neck – which by the way seemed huge now under the bright lights. We got an ovation and some whistles from the boys. I believe we both turned as red as a tomato in an instant.

Carefully, I glanced at Amber who was grinning ear to ear. I grinned right back at her.

I had a feeling we weren't gonna sleep tonight.

The End

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